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Meet our founders, Evelyn Flynn and Ellen Martinez. They saw the need, developed the plan, and lead the mission for Women, Wine, and Connections.


Evelyn Flynn is a successful entrepreneur and owner of Adworks Promotions, Inc and Trade Show Wiz. Her entrepreneurial sprit led her to co-found Women, Wine, and Connections with Ellen Martinez. In the aftermath of the devastating 2016 floods in the Greater Baton Rouge Area, Evelyn saw the devastation her friends and clients were experiencing from losing their homes. She hit the ground running helping out by volunteering and witnessed first hand the impact such organizations like the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank has on the community during a time of devastation. Evelyn also realized that everyday, women and children are impacted by some type of devastating event, whether it gets televised or not.

Both Evelyn and Ellen planned monthly connection meetings for women in business. Feeling like this was missed opportunity for women to help women, they decided to apply for a 501(c)3 and turn their networking opportunities into opportunities that also help the community. 

Utilizing her connections, love of wine, and desire to help women and children overcome hardships is how Women, Wine, and Connections continues to connect women professionally and personally while making a positive impact in our area.



Ellen Martinez enjoys connecting people together and connecting with them. Through serving her clients with Northwestern Mutual, shows them how utilizing insurance, investments, and employee benefits can help families reach their financial goals.

It's in her friendship and partnership with Evelyn Flynn, she was inspired to help women and children in the community on a deeper more personal level. Understanding that both women and mothers often do not receive equal pay in the workplace and often carry the burden of being providers for their children, she needed to find a different way to help. 

Through Women, Wine, and Connections, she has helped foster an environment where women feel safe to connect both personally and professionally. Knowing she is helping women not only with their businesses but helping local charities provide clothes, food, and shelter to women and children in need feeds her drive help.

Vice President

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